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DELTA Coalescing Gas Filters:   are used for separation of oil and water particles from natural gas stream. Coalescing Gas Filters perform the function of coalescence i.e. combination of tiny liquid droplets into bulk liquid. Once the coalesced bulk liquid is formed, it is pulled down due to gravity into the Filter Sump. The separated liquid can be drained off either using a manual drain or continuously using an automatic drain. Delta Filters has developed a range of Gas Coalescers using high efficiency coalescing filter elements for different applications.


  • Lower cost than gravity Separator

  • Smaller footprint & Compact Designs

  • High Efficiency Separation via Coalescence Techniques

  • Low Operating Cost and long MTBM (Mean Time Between Maintenance)

Delta Gas Coalescing Filters are used in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Oil Refining industries. Liquid-Gas coalescers are widely used to remove water and hydrocarbon liquids. These equipments ensure natural gas quality and protect downstream equipment such as compressors, gas engines, metering stations, gas fired heaters or gas-gas purification membranes. In the Natural Gas industry, gas/liquid coalescers are used for recovery of lube oil downstream of a compressor. Delta Gas Coalescers are employed to recover lube oil by installing a coalescer on the outlet of a compressor. Liquids from upstream of the compressor, which may include aerosol particles, entrained liquids or large volumes of liquids called "slugs" and which may be water and/or a combination of hydrocarbon liquids should be removed by a filter/coalescing vessel located upstream of the compressor. Efficiencies of gas/liquid coalescers are typically 0.5 Micron liquid particles, with efficiencies to 99.9%. Liquid free Fuel Gas is ensured at the Outlet of Delta Coalescing Fuel Gas Filter.


For a quote : Click on Enquiry button on the left. Mention application, flow rate, op. pressure, micron rating, line size, and any other requirements.

  • DELTA Coalescing Gas Filters Vessels are designed to ASME Sec VIII Div I standards

  • 100% radiography of weld joints

  • Employ pleated borosilicate glass fibre filter elements to increase MTBM and low pressure loss

  • Shipped under Third Party Inspection BV, ICS, IRS, PDIL, DNV etc

  • Email: akini@deltafilters.com for more details


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Last modified: January 16, 2019