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  • Jet Looms operated on Compressed Air
  • Compressed Air Power Tools
  • Air Feed to Oxygen Generation Plant in Steel Industry
  • Compressed Air Based Blasting, Painting and Powder Coating
  • Oil Removal Downstream of Oil Lubricated Air Compressor
  • Particulate Removal from Compressed Air

Compressed Air Filter Compressed Air Filter Compressed Air Filter

Compressed Air Filters are used in compressed air lines to prevent solid and liquid contaminates from going downstream. Compressed Air leaving a Screw or Piston Compressor contains a high water content and oil and other contaminants. It is imperative to employ a Compressed Air Filter to remove these contaminants. DELTA Compressed Air Filters are widely used in the Pnuematic Lines for this purpose. Atmospheric air contains large amount of dust, dirt, moisture and oil vapours. During the process of compression, typically at 7 Bar, the air compressor compresses 7 volumes of air into 1 volume. This increases the solid and liquid contamination in compressed air. The inlet filter on an Air Compressor is effective only for large sized solid and liquid contaminants. Hence Compressed air typically contains moisture, dust, oil, rust & other contaminants. This necessiates the need of high efficiency filtration. DELTA Compressed Air Filter use Pleated Borosilicate Glass fibre based filter elements. These filter elements have a built-in Pre Filter layer which eliminates the need for a separate pre-filter. The pleated glass fibre media offers a surface area is equivalent to 5 times the filtration area of competitors products. The end result is low pressure drop and long life with minimum maintenance costs. We guarantee 10,000 working hours of filter element life.

DELTA Compressed Air Filters serve both Particulate and Oil Removal functions. These functions of DELTA Compressed Air Filters are based on three phenomenon 1) Direct Interception 2) Inertial Impaction 3) Brownian Motion Compressed air filters with coalescing feature remove water and oil aerosols by coalescing the aerosols into droplets. This occurs based on the torturous path and pressure drop. Coalescing compressed air filters remove both water and oil mist from the air stream. Further Delta Compressed Air Filters remove particulate contamination through direct interception. Our compressed air filters are rated at 0.01 micron for solid removal and 0.01 mg/m3 residual oil content. This ensures compressed air of highest purity.


  • Sub micron & Coalescing Feature with Oil Removal functionality for Compressed Air
  • Guarantee Technically Oil Free Compressed Air
  • Compressed Air Filtration down to 0.01 micron particle removal (99.99% efficiency)
  • 0.01 mg/M3 residual oil content in outlet compressed air
  • 1/4" nB through 1" nB Models in Stainless Steel housings (Lifetime guarantee)
  • Low pressure drop (0.07 Bar Initial)
  • Long cartridge life
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Compressed Air Filters  Threaded Coalescing Air Filters

A-025 1/4" BSP / NPT 20 PL24
A-050 1/2" BSP / NPT 80 PL48
A-075 3/4" BSP / NPT 150 PL415
A-100 1" BSP / NPT 200 PL421
S-125 1-1/4" ASA 150 400 PL630
S-150 1-1/2" ASA 150 540 PL645
S-200 2" ASA 150 800 PD830
S-250 2 1/2" ASA 150 1000 PD845
S-300 3" ASA 150 1500 PD860
S-400 4" ASA 150 2000 PD875

Larger sizes on request.

Compressed Air Filter Elements

    Series   DELTA  SS1000 (SS Housings)  & CS 1000 (Carbon Steel Housing)
    Gas Flow Rates (Min / Max)   1 nM3/ Hr         through   20,000 nM3/Hr
    Gas Operating Pressure   1 Bar (G)          through  200 Bar (G)
    14.5 psig          through 2900 psig
    Line Size    1/2" nB through 12" nB. Flanged upto 1500 lb Rating
    Filter Housing MOC    a) Carbon Steel  b) SS304               c) SS316
    Filter Cartridges MOC    a) Glass Fibre   b) Synthetic Fibre   c) SS Mesh
    Filtration Rating    a) 1 micron        b) 3 micron              c) 5 micron
    Filtration Efficiency    98% to 99.999% depending on MOC
    Pressure Drop    Initial, Clean Condition  0.1 Bar (1.45 psid) , Final 0.7 Bar (10.15 psid)

Compressed air filters, often referred to as line filters, are used to remove contaminates from compressed air after compression has taken place. Compressed Air leaving a standard screw or piston compressor will generally have a high water content, as well as a high concentration of oil and other contaminants. There are many different types of filters, suitable for different pneumatics applications. DELTA Compressed Air Filters offer the best combination of performance and operating cost. Our compressed air filters guarantee technically oil and particle free air. With Borosilicate Glassfibre filter cartridges, residual oil content of less than 0.01 (or 0.1, 1, 2) mg/M3 in outlet and particle removal of 0.01(or 0.1, 1, 5) micron are offered. Silicone treated borosilicate glass fibre media cartridge with in built pre-filter and final filter layers. Reticulated foam layer for oil drainage tested to ASTM D2986:91. Poly Butylene Terphthalate (PBT) end caps.


Compressed Air Filter Elements Compressed Air Filter Elements Compressed Air Filter Elements    Compressed Air Filter Elements


  • Particulate Air filters : Particulate compressed air filters are used to remove dust and particles from the air.
  • Activated carbon filters : Activated carbon filters utilize a composite carbon material to remove gases and odors from the air. They are used in factories where food is produced or for breathing gas.
  • Coalescing Air Filters : High oil compressed air coalescing filters remove water and oil aerosols by coalescing the aerosols into droplets. This happens partially because of torturous path and pressure drop. Coalescers remove both water and oil aerosols from the air stream, and are rated at particulate contamination through direct interception. Filtration of oil, water aerosols, dust and dirt particles to 0.01 m the best achievable in industry.
  • Cold coalescing Air Filters : Cold coalescing filters are coalescing filters operated at around 35 F (2 C), allowing them to be more effective at removing moisture.
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