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Delta Filters has developed a range of Dry Gas Filters for the following applications:

  • Fuel Gas Distribution

  • Instrument Gas ( Servo Gas Filters )

  • Fuel Gas Metering Skids: Upstream of PRV within DRS & MRS Stations

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

  • Regulator Stations

  • PNG Filtration in Industrial & Commercial Applications

  • Other Dry Gas Applications

DELTA Dry Gas Filters serve critical applications in Fuel Gas industry for removing rust, dust and solid particles from the Gas Stream. The Filter housing is fabricated from Carbon Steel material with 100% radiography of weld joints. Filter Element is typically manufactured from Borosilicate Glass Fibre Filter Media which has large void volume for greater dirt holding capacity. We offer pleated filter elements which provide 5 times the filtration surface area for low pressure and long MTBM. Filter Housing is designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Vessel Design Code. Welding is carried out by ASME Sec IX Qualified Welders as per WPS/PQR/WPQ. ASME V is followed for NDT procedures. DELTA Dry Gas Filters have been designed, manufactured and supplied for projects throughout India, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Europe. Contact sales@deltafilters.com

DELTA Dry Gas Filters, 600 Class Flanged WNRF

    Series   DELTA  DGF SERIES
    Gas Flow Rates (Min / Max)   30 SCMH        through   65,000 SCMH
    25,200 SCFD    through  54.6 MMSCFD
    Gas Operating Pressure   1 Bar (G)          through  200 Bar (G)
    14.5 psig          through 2900 psig
    Line Size    1/2" nB through 12" nB. Flanged upto 1500 lb Rating
    Filter Housing MOC    a) Carbon Steel  b) SS304               c) SS316
    Filter Cartridges MOC    a) Glass Fibre   b) Synthetic Fibre   c) SS Mesh
    Filtration Rating    a) 1 micron        b) 3 micron              c) 5 micron
    Filtration Efficiency    98% to 99.999% depending on MOC
    Pressure Drop    Initial, Clean Condition  0.1 Bar (1.45 psid) , Final 0.7 Bar (10.15 psid)

Dry Gas Filters, Duplex Gas Filters and Filter Elements

NGF-025 1/4" BSP / NPT 40 24
NGF-050 1/2" BSP / NPT 100 48
NGF-075 3/4" BSP / NPT 200 415
NGF-100 1" BSP / NPT 240 421
NGF-125 1-1/4" ASA 300 500 630
NGF-150 1-1/2" ASA 300 640 645
NGF-200 2" ASA 300 1200 830
NGF-250 2 1/2" ASA 300 1500 845
NGF-300 3" ASA 300 2000 860
NGF-400 4" ASA 300 2400 875

Gas Filter Catalog

Dry Gas Filter Catalog

Corporate Office:

B-101 Sanpada Station Complex, Sanpada

Navi Mumbai, 400 705, INDIA

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Email: sales@deltafilters.com

Manufacturing Facility:

12 Aditya Industrial Estate, Kumbhivali, Savroli Kharpada Road

Khalapur, Dist: Raigad. Maharashtra, 410 202, INDIA

Tel: 91-9930643977

Email: support@deltafilters.com

For a quote : Email us gas flow rate, operating pressure, operating temperature and process parameters. Email: sales@deltafilters.com

Last modified: January 14, 2019