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DELTA Oil Mist Eliminators for Vacuum Pump Exhaust


  • High Efficiency 99.5% oil mist elimination from exhaust of oil sealed vacuum pump

  • Prevents oil vapour pollution

  • Filtration down to 0.3 micron particle removal (99.99% efficiency)

  • 2 mg/M3 residual oil content in outlet air (Meets OSHA & ACGIH standards)
  • Provision to drain and recover the separated oil
  • End connections: 25KF/40KF to DIN 28403 ISO2861 coupling or BSP Male/Female threaded
  • 15 nM3/Hr to 600 nM3/Hr (different sizes available)
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Exhaust Oil Mist Eliminator mounted on vacuum pump

Oil mist particles from an oil sealed vacuum pump is in the range of 0.3 to 1.5 micron. The only way to eliminate the same from the exhaust and recover is to use an Exhaust Mist Filter or Oil Mist Eliminator. The dynamic separation takes place through a deep bed of impregnated micro-fibrematrix. The glass fibres are moulded with resin impregnation. A flourocarbon outer drainage layer ensures that the oil is saved. The oil so collected is particle free and reusable. Considering the cost of vacuum pump oil and the consequences of oil vapour pollution, the separator pays for itself in a short period of time. 

Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps emit oil fumes through the air exhaust port. This is especially considerably during the Start operation. DELTA Exhaust Mist Filters work on the principle of Coalescence. Small oil droplets in the oil fumes are converted into bulk liquid oil. This bulk oil is much heavier than air. Hence it gravitates down into the lower portion of the Filter Bowl. Oil is then drained off and can be re-used. This results in a smoke free environment as well as cost savings due to recovered lubricating oil. Exhaust Mist Filters are a must in High Efficiency 99.5% oil mist elimination from exhaust of oil sealed vacuum pump.

Exhaust Mist Filters are installed on oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. Exhaust Mist Filter or Oil Mist Eliminator prevents oil fumes from polluting the work environment. When operating pressures above 1 Torr, oil mist generation is more prevalent. This situation also arises in case of an open or leaky system. Due to high gas flows going through the pump oil molecules are atomized and escape from the exhaust causing oil smoke. DELTA Exhaust Filter is also referred as Oil Mist Eliminator. It is based on conversion of oil droplets into bulk oil via the process of coalescence. Contact us on for more details.


  • Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Nuclear Reactors

  • Research Laboratories

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