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Moisture Separators & Moisture Traps for Compressed Air / Gas

Moisture Separator with Automatic Drain

DELTA Moisture Traps in SS304 Body & Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel Body

DELTA Moisture Separator Features:

  • Separates out 99.5% moisture from Compressed Air/Gas streams
  • Delta Moisture Separator is the most productive step in efficient moisture separation
  • 0.07 Bar pressure drop
  • Low initial cost. No replacement parts
  • Long working life
  • With Vortex Containment System for peak efficiency
  • Wide range of models, to handle air flow rates from 30 scfm upto 50,000 scfm
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Principle of Operation: DELTA Moisture Traps :

Atmospheric Air always contains water in vapour form. Water vapour is in gaseous state and condenses into moisture when air temperature cools beyond dew point. Dew point is the temperature at which air can hold no more water vapour. When atmospheric air is compressed (typically at 7 Bar) , there is excess of water vapour in air since there will be 7 volumes of water vapour for one volume of compressed air. This excess water vapour condenses into moisture. Moisture is an contaminant for compressed air and is best removed using a DELTA Moisture Trap. The removal of moisture is imperative to the successful operation of compressed/gas/steam systems. Moisture causes corrosion of pneumatic tools, instruments and machinery resulting in equipment malfunctioning. For applications like blasting and painting it is imperative that compressed air is moisture free. Delta Moisture Separators are widely used in Blasting and Painting applications as well. The cost of replacement and/or repairs of equipment, coupled with the corresponding down-time can be eliminated by using Delta Moisture Separators.

DELTA Moisture Separator is fitted with an unique coalescing element in conjunction with anti re-entrainment barrier system knocks out 99.95% of moisture from compressed air/gas streams. When moisture laden air enters DELTA Moisture Separator , it comes in contact with the dense coalescing element. The coalescing element in Delta Moisture Separator forces the water droplets to coalesce. In other words the droplets to grow in size and become heavy. Gravity does the rest by pulling the separated water down to the sump. DELTA Moisture Separator's innovative Vortex Containment Barrier ensures peak efficiency.

DELTA Moisture Separator was first introduced back in 1994 and over the last 25 years have over 10,000 successful installations throughout India and in over 25 countries across the world. Our Moisture Separators offer lowest pressure drop and need no maintenance. Highly effective when installed closest to the point of application or immediately after the After-Cooler in the Compressed Air Line. DELTA Moisture Separator can be installed before air dryers as well to reduce the load and power consumption of air dryers. Contact us today for more details and a Quote

DS-1 1/2" BSP THREADED 130
DS-2 3/4" BSP THREADED 175
DS-4 1-1/2" BSP THREADED 500
DS-6 2 1/2" ASA 150 FLANGED 1000
DS-7 3" ASA 150 FLANGED 1500
DS-8 3" ASA 150 FLANGED 2000
DS-9 4" ASA 150 FLANGED 2500
DS-10 4" ASA 150 FLANGED 3000

Larger sizes on request.

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DELTA Moisture Separators: With Flanged Nozzles


Float Type Automatic Drains for draining Moisture from Compressed Air. Can be connected directly to Delta Moisture Separator

  • Application: Automatically discharge water from compressed air / gas lines
  • End Connection: 1/2" BSP with manual override at bottom
  • Installation: Drain point of Filters, Moisture Separators, Air Receivers
  • MOC: Die Cast Aluminum with SS304 Float assembly
  • MOC: No Air Loss, Highly Reliable Design
  • Working Pressure: 0 to 15 Bar
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Automatic drain valve is completely mechanical in construction without the need of any electrical supply. It is highly reliable based on feedback from over 3,000 installations in India and abroad. The automatic drain does not cause any air loss. Automatic drains are recommended for installation with DELTA Moisture Separators to eliminate moisture without any human intervention. They can also be installed below Air Receivers for eliminating the collected water from compressed air.

Automatic Drain for Compressed Air

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